Coach Nailed To Cross For Muslim Conversions?

Jerry Marszalek’s contract as head wrestling coach at Fordson High School in Dearborn, MI, has not been renewed because one of his long-time assistants, Rev. Trey Hancock, has an extensive history of attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity and has become a polarizing figure in the area.

It’s not clear Hancock ever attempted to convert any […]


Female Cuban Judo Athlete Disappears in Miami

World judo champion Yurisel Laborde disappeared in Miami after winning a gold in the Pan American Championships last week. The Cuban athlete left a note of explanation and took all her belongings with her. (We imagine that’s a short note: “Guess. Later!”)

(We suspect she can take care of herself)
She stood to be […]


Brazilian Maya Gabeira: Surfing’s New Size Queen

Pete Thomas of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has the enviable task of writing a piece on Brazilian surfing beauty Maya Gabeira.

Gabeira, who turned just 21 yesterday, is among the hottest female surfers on the planet - in more ways than one.


Chuck Liddell Aspires To Be Classic Sports Villain

MMA posterboy and former UCF light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell has cast himself in the role of “dismissive established star” in the real life movie of the ascent of Kimbo Slice. Apparently Liddell isn’t keen on sharing the limelight with the popular upstart, bemoaning in an interview with THE SUN that Slice “hasn’t done anything” […]


Today’s Gratuitous Photos Of Vaguely-Athletic Girl

Britain’s SPORTS MAGAZINE has an update on the motocross career of someone named Sophia Paull. Apparently Ms. Paull, in addition to being a nudie model, was a prominent rider in England who moved to Spain to train for the Women’s Motocross World Championship.

Though not quite big enough yet, it seems, for her to make […]


Brian Stann: Midshipman, War Hero, WEC Champ

John McCain could really use a young and vital person as his running mate to offset one of his main perceived flaws: being 71 years young. For example, how about a Navy Midshipman linebacker that went to Iraq as a Marine officer and was awarded the Silver Star? That sounds like a winner, […]


Hawaii Realizes It’s Surrounded By Water

In something that seems like it should have started a long time ago, Hawaii will hold the state’s first official high school surfing meet, as reported by the HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN.

Contest officials, coaches and students, some who have been pushing for years to have the Department of Education embrace the sport, say surfing should get the […]


HS Wrestler Who Went Winless Not A Loser At All

The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER has the inspiring tale of Cullen Fitzgibbons, a high school wrestler who finished his career without a win.

How is that inspiring? The wrestler didn’t let Down syndrome keep him from competing.


Ricky Williams Hitting High & Hard On Poor ‘Joe’

Another season of Spike TV’s “Pros vs. Joes” has been thrust upon us. And what better way to celebrate than to run somebody over:

(Check out the hit at :19)
That’s the one & only Ricky Williams, who seems to have recovered nicely from his chest injury. Hopefully, Rick helped the pummeled Joe to some of […]


Marathoner: “I Can Live a Good Life Without Toes”

We told you it was cold in Wisconsin last weekend - so cold it turns out, that an Iowa runner is about to lose some body parts.

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has the chilling news that 27-year-old Andrew Wells fell victim to frostbite during a day-long run in the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek. As a result, he’ll […]