Cassel Thanks Co-Chief; Gisele’s Wedding Dress

• New KC Chief Matt Cassel would like to thank new teammate Bernard Pollard for giving him his big break by breaking Tom Brady.

Matt Cassel Gisele wedding dress

• Speaking of the Pats’ QB, a new exclusive but blurry photo has emerged of the new Mrs. Brady in her wedding dress.

• A book from a minor leaguer-turned-medical man is lies, all lies!

• Man U’s soccer goalie credits his game-winning saves to an iPod.

• The wife & killer of former Panthers RB Fred Lane is a free woman.

• This George Mason b-baller flies in for a quick hello to a courtside fan.

• What’s more remarkable - a legally-blind state governor, or a legally-blind state governor who jogs?

• Sports jersey numbers are being used as code for bank robbers - but obviously not very well.

• And the winner of today’s foot-featured Clippers caption contest is…

DeAndre Jordan Mike Taylor Clippers

Jim S., who hops along with this quip: The Harlem Globetrotters of the Imaginary Hacky Sack League.

Thanks for playing. We’ll be kicking up a new contest tomorrow.