Cassel Keeps Pats’ QB Q-Rating At All-Time High

One of the benefits of not starting a football game since high school? You don’t have to worry about getting injured by hard hit. Or in the case of Matt Cassel, worry about someone damaging your pretty, pretty face. That’s what the BOSTON GLOBE explores today, as they report that female Patriots fans are finding Cassel to be an adequate replacement for Tom Brady’s ruggedly handsome good looks.

Matt Cassel Sings!

Although Harper’s Bazaar contributor and fashion commentator Mary Alice Stephenson said that Cassel “isn’t Tom Brady” but he could be with a sharp suit, a good haircut, nice shoes and a pair of Levi’s. Which makes this start to sound like some sort of weird cross between Varsity Blues and the final 10 minutes of The Breakfast Club where Molly Ringwald turns Ally Sheedy into a stunning beauty by combing her hair and applying some rouge.

Of course, Cassel is married, while Brady is a well-documented bachelor. Marketing experts differ on whether that helps or hurts Cassel’s image to women. Some think it makes him less desirable, while others think that women will only love him more:

Boston style magnate Gretchen Monahan, however, says being married makes Cassel more attractive. “Even more hot points,” she said in an e-mail. “We love men who can commit.

I’ve never heard of Gretchen Monahan before, but it sounds like a weak pseudonym for Tom Brady’s jilted former lover/Baby Momma, especially when talking about how much women love men who aren’t afraid of commitment.

Sure, there are some spoilsports who want to talk about how Cassel’s popularity is going to be tied to how he performs on the field, but who cares about them. Have you seen his smile? At the least, we can assume that his apparently symmetrical features are going to lead to some big money contract offers when he is ready to sign his next contract. We’re talking Charlie Frye big.

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