Casino Sues NBA, ‘Zo Charity for Bill Repayment

Steve Wynn, owner of Wynn Las Vegas (among other casinos), has a lot of lawyers on retainer. Lawyers that don’t file aren’t working. Therefore, Steve Wynn’s lawyers file. A lot. Ask Charles Barkley.

Steve Wynn

(Then again, this type of work isn’t cheap; please don’t look directly into the teeth)

This week’s litigants? The NBA (via NBA Entertainment and NBA Properties) and Alonzo Mourning Charities. The former rented convention space and donated it to the latter to hold a fundraiser, according to Wynn’s lawyers. Unfortunately, no one got around to paying the $50,000 bill. Therefore, Wynn’s lawyers get to make themselves useful. Everyone wins!

(By which we mean, “rich people and their lawyers on retainer”.)

Way to play it sensitively, Wynn. We mean, suing a charity of a well-respected man and a high-profile sports league for pocket change just to prove you’re total badasses when it comes to bill collection? What do you want from ‘Zo: a kidney?