CASE THE JOINT: German soccer players are str…

CASE THE JOINT: German soccer players are strangely the only guys on earth that are actually hoping to attend a "sausage party."


The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports the IRL is now using sexual innuendo to sell the the faltering racing circuit.

A new ad campaign called "Adrenaline. Amplified." "shows sultry 22-year-old series newcomer Danica Patrick, in black leather pants, looking into the camera, not smiling, under the heading: ‘We heard you like to watch.’"

After seeing the photo of Patrick, they might consider renaming the campaign to "Airbrush. Amplified." Patrick was interviewed during ESPN’s broadcast of Sunday’s IRL racem and said of the sex-driven ad campaign, "I think there are two sides to a race car driver. "[In addition to driving], there’s the marketability side that attracts sponsors and lures people in and lets them sell their products to the best of their ability, like hopefully I’ve done for Argent and Pioneer."