CARTOON SQUAD: Shaq takes great pains to port…

CARTOON SQUAD: Shaq takes great pains to portray himself as a "super hero." He’s gone so far as to have the Superman "S" tattooed on his arm. But evidently the WB disagrees with The Diesel’s self-assessment.

The DETROIT NEWS reports that Karl Malone, Yao Ming, Steve Nash and Tracy McGrady made appearances as animated characters on the WB cartoon "Static Shock."

The show featured superhero "Static" visiting the NBA All-Star Game where he discovered the players are a "top-secret group of armored heroes known as The Hoop Squad."

Malone is "the Pulverizer; Yao is Center Force, with extendable limbs; McGrady is Spin Drive, with cyclone abilities; and Nash is Point Man, with pinpoint accurate rockets exploding from his gloves."