Carter: Media’s Fault He’s A Backstabbing Jackass

Everyone knows that the one thing Gary Carter will never be able to do is keep his mouth closed. So no one was surprised when he came out and recently said he would be interested in the Mets job when if Willie Randolph gets the sack.

Gary Carter

Neil Best of NEWSDAY is there to report on Carter’s first public statement to the media about wanting the job - and then gets reax from Carter after he was folded into the media-created replacement cake batter for Mets manager.

Best reports that Carter claims his open campaigning for the job was a complete media creation - and that he was just answering a question asked of him about the possible opportunity. Never mind that the Mets already had a manager when he answered the leading query.

The proper response by a right-thinking baseball man would be to say, “the Mets already have a manager, so I’m not going to talk about it.

The reason Carter gave his particular response is that he doesn’t already have an inside track on getting the gig, so he said he was interested to see if Mets management would consider him a candidate. What a great job-seeking technique!

There’s a reason Carter has never held a prominent coaching gig in MLB since his retirement. His unthinking, me-first attitude makes him a less-than-palatable candidate for any MLB coaching opportunity, where a closed-room, loyalty-first mentality rules the industry.

In other words, Carter has no chance to get the job.