Palmer Misses The Loud & Flamboyant Ocho Cinco

CARSON PALMER WANTS THE OLD CHAD JOHNSON BACK: Arrogant. Flamboyant. Trash-talking. Self-promoting.

Carson Palmer misses the old Ocho Cinco:

Chad Johnson

The SPRINGFIELD (OH) NEWS-SUN offers a moment of silence for the suddenly subdued Chad Johnson, who’s been pretty quiet this season. But when you’re 2-5 and in the AFC North basement, there isn’t much for Chad to chat about.The Bengals QB is hoping to turn the team around, and get back to the original Johnson: “I like the louder Chad — the more confident (player), talking trash in people’s ears about different things.”

Fellow receiver T.J. Houshmanzadeh isn’t as concerned with Chad clamming up: “I don’t think anything’s wrong with him. We’re not winning. So when you don’t win, everybody’s disappointed. He’s no different.”

Chad Keyshawn Johnson

But ol’ 85 can still talk it up when he wants to. Just ask Keyshawn.