Carroll: ‘Surprised’ If USC Sanctioned By NCAA

Pete Carroll appeared on the Dan Patrick radio show today and addressed the NCAA investigation into the USC football program and his reaction to former USC linebacker Brian Cushing testing positive for a banned substance in an NFL drug test last September.

Brian Cushing Pete Caroll Reggie Bush

Carroll on Cushing testing positive: “Disappointed. … I don’t know anything about it.

Carroll on if Cushing ever tested positive for anything at USC: “We can’t talk about stuff like that. I would never say that anyone ever did.

In a statement on USC’s official website last year, Carroll denied that Cushing had ever tested positive for steroids:

“These rumors are absolutely false. If they were found positive, Clay and Cush would have been notified three weeks ago, which they weren’t and all of the NFL teams would have been notified too, which they weren’t.

“They’re both men of outstanding character and they never tested positive for anything here. This is an [sic] major example of irresponsible reporting, and the site that published this report should be ashamed of themselves.”

Carroll’s also provided thoughts on the nature and outcome of the four-year NCAA investigation into his USC football program.

Carroll on the NCAA’s findings about the USC program: “I do know that there’s some information that’s getting ready to be released. I don’t know what it is.

Carroll on what the NCAA was looking for:”(Reggie Bush) was the focus on our deal and basketball was about O.J. (Mayo). They (NCAA) want to know if you knew and if there was any prior knowledge and you could’ve done something about it.

Carroll on policing players: “It’s a big network that the NCAA is asking the university (USC) to control. It’s most challenging.

Carroll on what he think the outcome of the NCAA investigation will be: “I would be surprised if there are (NCAA sanctions).”

I want to believe Carroll has the utmost integrity and did nothing wrong, but for him to say that he’ll be “surprised” if a four-year NCAA investigation into the USC football program yields any sanctions is to lose all credibility.

I realize Carroll wants to be optimistic about the outcome of the NCAA inquiry, but he would’ve been better off just saying he didn’t know what was going to happen.

Carroll is either engaging in wishful thinking or is apparently a lot more naive than I thought he was.