Carmen Electra And The Naked Wrestling Lawsuit

In the news: Carmen Electra settled a suit brought against the Naked Women’s Wrestling League. The real news: there’s something called the Naked Women’s Wrestling League!

Naked Wrestling

Is it sports? Is it entertainment? Is it porn? How about all of the above? Either way, it seems like the perfect vehicle for Carmen Electra’s talents. She served as a host for some of their events, and appeared on their DVDs, and claimed she wasn’t getting what she was owed. But this legal stuff is boring: let’s learn more about the NWWL.

A line from the LA DAILY NEWS’ story — quite possibly the greatest line written in the history of journalism — gives you a sense of what this organization’s about:

Electra further alleged that NWWL released DVDs featuring her image, including “Twin Peaks,” “Operation Naked Storm,” “Tag Team Dream” and “Bush vs. Hussein,” without payment.

That last one was Harriet Bush vs. Layla Hussein, in case you were wondering. I’ve spent hours doing research at the NWWL’s website (decidedly NSFW). Some of their other competitors include Nikki Knockerelli, Pippi No Stockings, Spitney Beers, Candass Canuck, Demonica Disco, and Sista Soul, who fights in the headpiece of a nun’s habit, and nothing else.

So, yes, when they say naked wrestling, they mean it. But other than the lack of trunks, there’s not much difference between the NWWL and other professional wrestling organizations: feuds, over-the-top characters, hyperventilating announcers, etc. Actually, I take that back. The WWE doesn’t charge $16.99 a month to access their website.

And now, purely for educational purposes, here are a few of the NWWL’s bigger stars:

Naked Wrestling Lucy

Naked Wrestling Kandi

Naked Wrestling Harley

Naked Wrestling Ninja