Melo’s Baby Momma Defends DUI’d Denver Nugget

What do you do when you make a terrible mistake (like, say, a DUI) and word gets out that your ridiculously gifted VJ fiancée (one LaLa Vazquez) may not be thrilled with you at the moment? If you’re Carmelo Anthony and have a great PR firm on retainer, you find the right home for your message: PEOPLE.

Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez

(LaLa knows all about support for weighty tissue issues)

Don’t let the sportswriters or actual reporters get first shot at you; issue a terse press release with your apology on the day of the arrest and then get LaLa into a PEOPLE blurb, saying something blandly supportive like:

“I fully support my fiancé, Carmelo Anthony, and stand by him through this ordeal.”

Can you feel the love tonight?

The need to get ahead of the story apparently arose from reports that Vasquez did not care for the actions of her future hubby and wouldn’t pick him up from the police station. Of course, that never happened in PR Land (where reality only intersects accidentally):

“I will always have his back and never refused to pick him up from the police station. In fact, they offered to bring him to me.”

Better than having Bruce Bowen pick you up in transition, we suppose.

We’re glad this little ember was tamped down by the pros, but we now hope the happy couple can work on another communication snafu: calling your fiancée when you need a ride home.