Carmelo Anthony Loses Lottery, Popped For DUI

CBS 4 in Denver reports today that “Carmelo Anthony was arrested Monday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence, Denver police said.

Carmelo Anthony DUI Mug Shot

(Cover photo for 2008 Team ‘Melo media guide)

Police said Anthony was driving south on Interstate 25 near 20th Street at about 4 a.m. when he was pulled over and taken into custody. Investigators said he was driving a silver Mercedes that was stopped for failing to drive in a single lane and failing to dim lights.

“The star forward later issued an apology through his attorney.”

There’s no word if Anthony refused a breath test, but he is reportedly awaiting results of a blood test, which will take two weeks.

So if he took a blood test, we must assume he is maintaining his innocence. So why is he apologizing to anyone?

It doesn’t look like Anthony was doing anything heinous when the police stopped him, so it looks like his number just came up. We’re continued to be amazed that these guys don’t hire full time drivers. For the money they throw away on posses, you’d think they’d assign one of those dipshiats as a designated driver*.

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Then again, maybe ‘Melo was doing something he didn’t want anyone to know about. Not that we’re accusing him of anything. Of course.

* Oops, we assumed they would have a valid license. Our bad.

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