Melo’s Blood Alcohol Level Twice The Legal Limit

The blood tests from Carmelo Anthony’s Denver DUI have come back, and the results shows that the Nuggets star was almost twice as drunk as he legally sould have been.

Carmelo Anthony

KCNC-TV reports that Anthony’s blood alcohol level had registered .148 for the April 14 incident. The legal limit in Colorado is .08.

Police already had some clue about Carmelo’s “extreme impairment” when the player couldn’t pass any sobriety tests. However, Anthony told officers that he only had “two glasses of red wine” the evening of his arrest.

That’s some wine! And we thought Boone’s Farm was potent!

According to Colorado law, first-time DUI offenders will lose their license for at least three months. Now Carmelo will have to get a ride - which is something he should have done last April 14 to avoid this whole mess.

But it’s not like he has anywhere to go at the moment, since the Lakers just swept the Nuggets out of the playoffs. Al least Anthony won’t have to endure any more “DUI” chants.

Unless some L.A. fans sneak into Carmelo’s courthouse.