Carmelo Anthony, a Baltimore native, was supp…

Carmelo Anthony, a Baltimore native, was suppoed to throw out the first pitch at yesterday’s Yankees-Orioles tilt at Camden Yards, but the WASHINGTON TIMES notes that Anthony was late and missed his chance.

- JULY 21, 2003

The LONDON DAILY MIRROR reports on the NBA-esque sexual escapades of former Formula One driver Eddie Irvine.

Irvine: "There’s no sport like it if you love sex. … I lost count long ago of my conquests but it must be hundreds. … I’ve made love to stunning women in toilet cubicles in clubs all over the world." Irvine has been linked with supermodels Luciana Morad, Kate Moss, Anouk Voorveld and Katheryn Rice:

In the spirit of today’s top professional athlete, Irvine also has a child out of wedlock. Maria Drummond of Los Angeles is the "mother of his child" - seven-year-old Zoe. But Irvine adds, "he is single at present." Nice to know that pro athletes on the other side of the pond can be just as resolute about their marital status as they are here. Cheers, Mate!