Carlos Quentin Breaks Wrist, ChiSox Fans’ Hearts

Dustin Pedroia might win this thing after all. News just came out that MVP candidate/all-around stud Carlos Quentin will have surgery on Monday to insert a screw into his messed up wrist, most likely ending his season.

Carlos Quentin

It’s still a mystery as to how exactly he sustained the injury.
Besides leading the league in home runs (36), Quentin also is leading the league in hit by pitches (20), and the AP seems to think one of them could have done the damage:

Quentin missed two games after he was hit on a forearm by Boston’s Josh Beckett on Aug. 11. When Quentin returned Aug. 14 and was plunked by Kansas City’s Kyle Davies, Quentin became the first player hit by a pitch in six straight games since at least 1920.

Meanwhile, the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES Joe Cowley heard speculation that he got the damage after punching a locker in Boston. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE says it happened when he struck out on a Cliff Lee curveball. Who knows what answer we’ll get when we finally get to the bottom of this rabbit hole?

The important thing right now is that we take a trip over to and get a sampling of reactions from those most affected by this horrible tragedy:

shipps: Have I been hit by a train? My heart is broken.


whitesoxfan101: Well I’ll say it: We’re f***ed. You can’t lose your best everyday player in early September during a tight race and expect good things. I hope Griff, Kong, and Swish step up and prove me wrong, but just feels like a disaster.

lostfan: Does anybody know how to make a noose?

That last one pretty much sums up this White Sox fan’s thoughts. Good night, sweet Pale Hose.