Carlos Boozer Is the ‘Betrayal Skull Dude’ in China

Some nicknames are just awesome enough defy the constraints known as space, time or team. Others just need to go away quickly (like everything this guy has come up with). It’s rare though, that we see an amazing nickname emerge from the direct translation of another language.

Boozer Slim Skull Dome

We are, as Tom Ziller of FANHOUSE points out, fortunate enough to experience one of those rare moments, as Olympic Basketball in Beijing unfolds with the emergence of Carlos Boozer’s amazing new nickname. Translated directly from “Fan Gu Zai”, Boozer is: “Betrayal Skull Dude”.

The Utah Jazz forward is known to the 1.3 billion people in China as “Fan Gu Zai,” which, loosely translated, means “Betrayal Skull Dude.”

Bao says Chinese use “Fan Gu Zai” to refer to those who betray, but “betrayal skull” also refers to a protuberant bone on the front or back of a head.

The betrayal skull reference comes from the Chinese story of Zhuge Liang, one of China’s most well-known intellectuals and military strategists. According to legend, before Zhuge died, he said, “Wei will betray the country sooner or later.” Wei was a general under Zhuge’s supervision.

“How do you know?” someone asked.

“He has a protuberant bone on his head,” Zhuge answered.

Yeah, that’s pretty freaking sweet. See, Boozer is not exactly the most “honest” businessman in the world, if you believe the rumors, considering that he more or less stabbed a blind man (Gordon Gund) in the back while negotiating his new contract with Cleveland in 2004.

Clearly, Cleveland fans haven’t forgotten — the story stems from a CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER piece — and it appears as if the Chinese won’t forget anytime soon. He better hope that Europeans have shorter memory retention spans than Americans and Asians. Either that or get his freakish dome checked out.