Should Carl Eller Be Drinking After DUI Assault?

Carl Eller was recently spotted out & about enjoying a tall, cool bottle of beer. So what - an ex-Viking Hall of Famer can’t sit back, relax and gulp down a brew or two?

Carl Eller Minnesota Vikings Coronita

Well, such an ex-Viking probably shouldn’t be drinking while awaiting trial for assaulting two police officers during a DUI arrest last April.

C.J. of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE was down at the grand opening of the Mall of America’s new Cantina Mexican restaurant, when she caught Carl nursing a Coronita. (Because when you think of a fun night out drinking, you think Mall of America.)

C.J. then asked Eller if it was appropriate for him to be imbibing, since his November trial is due to his allegedly excessive drinking:

When asked at the party if he is supposed to drink, or is it that he just shouldn’t drink and drive, Eller told me: “I can do whatever I want, C.J. Whichever. If I want to, I can. I don’t have any law against me drinking or driving, right now.”

The woman who walked in with Eller intoned: “As long as he doesn’t do both at once.”

But should Eller drink at all, I wanted to know.

“If I want,” Eller said calmly.

As for the Coronita, Carl claimed that it was non-alcoholic. (When C.J. later asked a bartender if any of the beers were alcohol-free, the bartender said no.)

But when C.J. tried to grab Eller’s bottle to inspect it, Carl quickly grabbed it right back & told her to “get out of here!”

Luckily for her, Carl didn’t react the same way he did to members of the Minneapolis Police Force.

Video of the Carl Eller Coronita encounter can be seen here.