Carl Edwards Gets Pass For His Wandering Rubber

Any over/under on when “the cream and the clear” is replaced in the sports lexicon by “oil cooler lid?” Maybe Carl Edwards knows.

Carl Edwards Wandering Rubber

YAHOO! SPORTS reports that Edwards, who won the UAW-Dodge 400 in Las Vegas Sunday, failed a post-race inspection when his Ford Fusion was found to be missing its oil cooler lid, significant because the increased airflow from a missing lid could result in more horsepower. Edwards is likely to be fined, lose Cup points, have his crew chief suspended, and sent home without supper (they still call it “supper” in the South). But could the flubbed inspection cost him the win?

“There is a precedent for this. Five cars were found with the same violation following the Nationwide race at Daytona. Each received a 25-point penalty and the respective crew chiefs were suspended for six races and put on probation for the remainder of the season.

The difference here is none of those five cars won the race. Edwards did.”

Edwards arguably caught a break during the race when one of his tires rolled away from his car during a pit stop. New rules call for a penalty on such wandering rubber, but officials determined that Edwards’ pit crew was not at fault, a ruling that largely helped Edwards win his second straight race.

The official results are still under review, but incidents such as this show that NASCAR has earned its reputation of using or ignoring its rules as it pleases to manipulate the outcomes of its events. What a relief that this kind of thing doesn’t happen in other sports.