Careful! Wrestling Fans Made Of Ham Flammable

If you plan to attend the next Wrestlemania in the upper deck, and you are made of ham, you might want to consider buying a can of that handy, flame-retardant foam we know WWE is required by law to sell at all Wrestlemania concession stands.

Wrestlemania Fans Made Of Ham Get Burned

WFTV reports the scary news today that, “More than 40 people were hurt when fireworks and cables landed on the crowd packed in the Citrus Bowl for WrestleMania on Sunday night, according to the Orlando Fire Department.

Thankfully, no one was injured seriously. And that of course means that we can post this pic (again) and laugh without feeling guilty:

Wrestlemania Fan

Shockingly, the WWE has no public comment on what happened. We’re sure that has nothing to do with them knowing that they’re about to have the bejesus sued out of them.

UPDATE: Calm down everyone, we’re SURE this won’t happen again tonight. For proof, just think of the care and concern Vince McMahon has had for the health and safety of his wrestlers over the years.