Cards’ Ankiel Googles Self, Finds It “Stimulating”

Rick Ankiel loves playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Whether as a pitcher, infielder, outfielder or batboy, through thick & thin, good times & bad, injuries & slumps, the team & fans have stood by him, and vice versa. Still, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t mind being shipped somewhere else.

Rick Ankiel

The Cards outfielder’s name had popped up in recent trade rumors over the winter. One rumor had him aiming toward Atlanta. Another had him going to the Yankees. And like most modern-day citizens, Rick followed these rumors the 21st century way - through Internet news alerts.

And it was a process that, in his own words, he found “stimulating”.


He surfed Google and set up a news alert so that every time the words “Rick Ankiel” came up in an article he got an e-mail.

“It was stimulating for me,” he said. “It was kind of nice to know another team wants you. … That time of the offseason, you’re in no man’s land, you’re working out and then you hear all these exciting rumors, guys signing and you never know what is going to happen. That’s not me saying I would ever want to leave the Cardinals, but it was stimulating, mentally stimulating.”

Now, are we talking Alyssa Milano-in-the-sack stimulating? Or Leilani Munter stimulating? Or even Kristine Lefebvre stimulating?

Anyway, it’s fun to see another professional athlete grasp the wonders of the World Wide Web. Can’t wait to see how stimulating his inevitable Twitter account will be. Probably not on the level of Shaq & other NBAers, but interesting nonetheless.

On a side note, at the end of the Post-Dispatch article, Ankiel says he’s considering now going by the name “Dick” instead of “Rick”. But he should be aware that doing Google searches of “Dick Ankiel” will probably yield some unexpected (and X-rated) results.