Cardinals’ Draft Pick Called Up - For Combat Duty

A college baseball graduate recently drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals has been told that he’s made the roster - the combat duty roster.

Mitch Harris Navy baseball player

The HAMPTON ROADS VIRGINIAN-PILOT reports that Mitch Harris, who just completed his pitching career with the Navy Midshipmen, has been ordered to report to a transport ship to begin his five-year active service.

Although he hasn’t been told where exactly he’s headed (loose lips sink ships, you know), Harris realizes that his plans for a pro ball career have been washed out.


“Of course we’re at war, no one can argue we’re not,” Harris said. “But what I’ve said from the beginning is that I’m not trying to get out of anything.

“If I don’t get that chance (to play baseball) right now, I’ll never get it again. And to fulfill a goal of getting to the pros, it’s sad that they would take it away from me.”

Harris had been hoping that his military commitment could be worked around his goal of playing professional baseball. But Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter isn’t so accommodating:

“We are a nation at war, and we believe it’s inappropriate to allow Navy and Marine Corps personnel to be released from service obligations to play professional sports at the same time that other sailors and marines are carrying out their service obligations.”

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We’re at war? Still?

Maybe Harris will get lucky, and he’ll be assigned to a navy port in either Memphis, Palm Beach or the Quad Cities. They’re a bit water-logged in Iowa at the moment, so they could use his naval expertise.

Anyway, it looks like Mitch should have chosen a different branch of the armed forces. Right, Caleb Campbell?