Leonsis Asks For Apology Over Nasty Fan Emails

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis is back at it. A couple of months ago, we commented on how Leonsis was complaining that fans were abusing their email privileges with the owner, and he threatened to take his ball and go home. Leonsis makes himself personally available via email, and, to his credit, takes the time to respond to many of the messages he receives.

Ted Leonsis

Now, after admonishing SbB for suggesting that he was a bit dense for thinking that his inbox was somehow not going to be filled with drivel (this is the entire internet you’re giving access to, Ted) — and claiming that he never planned on cutting off access — Ted is whining again about the emails he’s been getting. And get this — he’s asking for people to apologize to him. For emails about a hockey team! He’s a billionaire!

Here’s the latest post from TED’S TAKE on the issue:

Some folks didn’t reach for their remotes last night and change the channel. Instead they pounded out emails to me with rants, curse words, demands and some pretty basic “how could you?” emails. Trade this guy, fire that guy, sell the team, etc. etc. I received two of these gems moments after the Rangers scored their fourth goal.

I will remind those who sent the emails that we are all in this together. We must stay positive and a quick apology note now would be nice as well. -)

Yes Ted, you’re all in this together. Although you, the guy who pays for the team, might have a little more influence than Jimmy from Silver Spring. Whose opinions are apparently hurting your feelings.

Although, looking at the comments section at Ted’s blog, it appears that everyone loves Ted. Where’s the negativity? I’m not seeing it. You wouldn’t be perhaps only approving comments that support you, now, would you Ted? Some might say it appears you are suppressing any negative communication whatsoever.

The point here is not to condone the behavior that Leonsis is disparaging. People who send personal threats, profanity, and general hatred via email to the owner of the hockey team they supposedly support don’t warrant any defense whatsoever. However, it’s a bit narcissistic to expect that every message you get from random fans is going to be reverential, considering that there’s essentially nobody on the internet who is afforded that treatment. If you put yourself out there, Ted, you have to be prepared to deal with it in a little more effective way than just saying “hey guys, stop it. Tell me you’re sorry.”

Ted called our previous post on this matter “probably the dumbest blog post ever,” so I guess we have nowhere to go but up on this matter!