Steroids Dealer Claims Caps, Nats As Customers

Members of the Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals (among others) have been implicated as steroid buyers by the self-styled steroid king of central Florida after his arrest yesterday for anabolic steroids sales. According to Polk County (Florida) police, Richard Thomas exhibited bouts of grandeur and paranoia while telling police of his exploits.

Richard Thomas bust money shot

Richard and his wife Sandra supposedly brought in steroids from all over the world to their Lakeland, Florida, haven and then distributed them to athletes from multiple sports (football, baseball, and hockey). For reasons unknown, Thomas dropped the names of only two franchises - the Caps & Nats - while refusing to name any customers.

When police completed the arrest raid Tuesday, they found “several hundred thousand dollars wholesale” of steroids, as well as an arsenal of weapons to protect his product.  (Also, in a nice touch, the police placed the bodybuilding trophies for husband and wife in the money shot.)

No official comment has been received yet from the Nationals or Capitals organizations, and the Thomases have chosen to stop talking so much now that they have a lawyer. However, there won’t be silence on the matter today. (By the way, neighbors were shocked that the large couple next door might have been involved with steroids.)

*UPDATE*: The Capitals respond to Thomas’ allegations, stating “We have no reason to believe there is any merit to this story.”

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