Canucks Kick NFL Reporter Off Toronto Sidelines

Pittsburgh Steelers radio sideline commentator Craig Wolfley found out the hard way that you do not mess with the Canadians when it comes to approved wireless transmission devices. The PITTSBRUGH POST-GAZETTE reports that he was banned from working the sidelines of the Steelers vs. Bills exhibition game in Toronto on Thursday night after official found that his equipment, while FCC-approved, did not meet the presumably much-tougher Canadian broadcasting laws. Either that, or it wasn’t able to be powered via maple syrup and Moosehead, as is required of all electronics in Canada.

Erin Andrews Yellow Top

Wolfley wound up working the game from the press box, which kind of negates the point of having a “sideline” reporter. I can promise you this wouldn’t have been a problem with the Dudley Do-Right that kicked Wolfley to the bleachers if Erin Andrews would have been working the game. I’m sure they would have found a way to keep her on the sidelines the whole game - after a long, intensive “security” pat-down to make sure that her, ahem, “devices” are fully approved (as seen above).

Or, this could have been seen as a subtle form of aggression by the Canadians towards Americans and their “NFL” brand of football. There’s apparently a large group of CFL fans who aren’t pleased that the Bills are going to be playing eight games in Toronto over the next five years, with a rumored eye on moving there in the near future. (Presumably they are unhappy with any NFL team moving to Toronto, and not just because it’s the Bills.)

Plus, they are still struggling mightily at the Olympics, and seeing Michael Phelps run up gold medal after gold medal … well, perhaps some official just snapped and took it out on poor Wolfley.

The real loser in this is the fans. The fact that they had to listen to a whole broadcast without the latest updates about who has a hang nail and where the players were going for dinner after the game is just tragic. If only Steely McBeam was there to knock some sense into those dang Canucks.