Canseco Not Enough Juice; KO’d in First Round

It took years for Jose Canseco take down the sport of baseball with his tell-all book, Juiced. It took just seconds for Canseco to be taken down by former NFL return man Vai Sikahema in Saturday night’s celebrity boxing match in Atlantic City.

Jose Canseco gets dropped by Vai Sikahema

The baseball slugger turned prolific author turned guy who will show up wherever there’s a check to be given out spent nearly as much time on the mat as he did on his feet. THE PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY reports “The 5-foot-9 Sikahema, 45, swarmed all over the 6-4 Canseco, 44, as soon as the opening bell sounded. He knocked Canseco down twice before the fight was stopped.”

(Video highlights of the fight appear after the jump.)

Before the fight, organizers were looking for three beautiful girls to volunteer to be ring card girls. Sadly for two of them, their services were not needed. I’m sure there will be other opportunities for these young ladies to show a crowd of drunk men their assets. I am not sure, however, if there will be more opportunities for Jose to earn a reported $35,000 to get pummeled in a 1/4 filled minor league baseball stadium.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS spoke to Canseco at Friday night’s pre-fight festivities telling the paper, “Let’s see what happens, how I do, how the fans like it. I’ll have to see. If I go anything further than this I’ll have to train a lot more, really take this serious. I really didn’t take this serious at all. Hopefully we can have some fun.”

Didn’t seem like Jose had too much fun last night. See for yourself: