Wanted: Food, Beverage Taster For Jose Canseco

You don’t blow the lid off baseball’s darkest secrets without expecting some retribution. Jose Canseco knows this. That’s why he knows the hit is coming. It will be swift and brutal. And likely in his coffee, as CHICAGOSPORTS.COM illustrates.

tin foil hat conspiracy

“A courtesy cup of black coffee was waiting for Jose Canseco on Friday when he arrived at his seat inside a downtown bookstore to sign copies of his second tell-all about steroids and baseball, “Vindicated.”

Before Canseco took out a pen, he sent the beverage back.

‘Who made this coffee? If you don’t know who made it, you’ve got to dump it,’ Canseco snapped at a store employee. ‘No way they are going to get me.’”

Obviously, whatever money Canseco earns from “Vindicated” will go to hiring a food tester. After financing the kung fu movie, naturally. One can never be too safe. There could be stale grounds in that brew, for all we know.

A store employee returned and gave him a fresh cup that she made herself 30 minutes later. And he accepted it in good faith. What kind of paranoia is that? The employee couldn’t be paid off also to poison your drink? That’s just sloppy pathological thinking.

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