Habs Fans Clad Rocky Statue In Canadiens Clothes

A couple of Montreal Canadiens fans have been caught committing some blasphemy by blanketing Rocky in a Habs jersey.

Rocky statue in Canadiens jersey

THE 700 LEVEL shoots over pics & video of some neighbors to the north having fun with Philadelphia’s favorite fictional character. The desecration comes as Les Habitantes face the Flyers in the Eastern Conference semis.

The series continues this evening with Game 3 in Philly. Each squad has one victory apiece in the best-of-7 showdown.

It’s unfortunate such bad blood would have to spill between the two teams. If only Philly & Montreal could learn to work together. Cheesesteak & poutine would be a killer meal - mostly via heart attack.

Just imagine how big a story this Rocky ruination would be had the general public actually been paying attention to the NHL playoffs. Another year on Versus? Why not! Who needs viewers, anyway?