Candid Camera Guy Not Shy About Insulting Bill Cowhers Wife Kaye

CAMERA GUY NOT SHY ABOUT INSULTING COWHERS: Barry Horn of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports this week that CBS Super Bowl guest analyst Bill Cowhersounded animated and appeared comfortable during the big game broadcast on Sunday.

I wish I could say the same for Cowher’s on-camera performance from this creepy, voyeuristic home video recently posted on YouTube.

Bill Cowher Creepy Camp Dearborn YouTube Video

The video was apparently shot by a fan at a place called Camp Dearborn, which is located in Milford, Michigan (what a killer vaca spot!). The unidentified person behind the camera walks right up to Cowher and his wife Kaye, and proceeds to insult her (transcript below).Camera guy speaking to Cowhers: “One family picture before I leave. No one’s going to believe me.

Kaye Cowher to camera guy: “I’m out, just get him.

Camera guy: “(Laughing) No, forget him, I’m going to get his lovely wife (pause) … I hope he’s your wife.

(Bill Cowher then mutters something unintelligible).

Camera guy to Kaye Cowher: “Last year you were here, you were a redhead. … Oh, I shouldn’t have said that (laughs).

Bill Cowher, while grimacing, then says something that ends in “off” (and presumably starts with ‘turn it …‘ or ‘hey jerk …‘).

It’s pretty astonishing that the Coach didn’t come after the intoxicated-sounding videomaker, considering the very public rumors of Bill Cowher’s infidelity over the years.

And as an aside, the true date of the video is obviously in question, considering the camera lists it as Feb. 3, 2000.

Weather site Wunderground lists the temperature in Milford that day as 21 degrees. And based on the reaction of the Cowhers to the faded film freak, it very well might’ve been down to single digits.