Candace Parker Is Extremely Proud Of Her C-Cups

Candace Parker might be the best women’s basketball player in the world. She’s also pregnant, and got hitched in a shotgun marriage to a guy nicknamed “The Landlord”. But perhaps most importantly to her, she fills out a C cup bra. At least that’s the story, according to ESPN’s Allison Glock.

candace parker pregnant

Just how fond is Parker of her bra size? Fond enough that Glock felt she had to mention it twice in the first paragraph of her ESPN The Magazine feature about marketing Parker, both domestically and overseas. Or maybe Glock is just jealous of the C cups herself? Whatever the reason, ESPN is typecasting Parker as a potential female Michael Jordan, which, of course, is impossible. Then again, it’d also be impossible to mention Parker’s breasts or her “endless legs” more prominently in the article.

Of course, that’s not entirely unfair, since the piece focusing on trying to market Parker as an elite female athlete. Still, two mentions of C cups in the very first paragraph? Is that really a significant enough factor in Parker trying to save the WNBA, and becoming the face of female athletics, that it deserves to be mentioned twice in that span? Really? We’re sure about that?

Not that we’re complaining here. More power to her, and to Adidas, which claims it’s going “to sell a lot more baby clothes.” Sure, sure you are Adidas. And Parker’s husband Shelden Williams might actually age like Benjamin Button and finally look like an 18-year-old for the first time in his life. Now, if Adidas started selling non-sports bras, then they might be on to something. C cups, perhaps …