Klepto Canadien Cuffed For Poaching Purse At Bar

Two Montreal Canadiens were arrested outside a Tampa nightclub early Monday morning - all because of a stolen purse.

Canadiens purse snatching theft

The CBC reports that Ryan O’Byrne was charged with grand theft, while teammate Tom Kostopoulos was charged with resisting an officer. It all started when a woman at the Whiskey Park bar told security her purse was missing. The bar’s bouncers apparently saw O’Byrne outside the bar with the purse and the woman’s cellphone.

Police soon arrived to question the hockey player about the purse. And he gave quite an unconvincing answer.

A Tampa police spokesperson said, “They approached him and asked him what he was doing with her cellphone and her purse. He said it was his girlfriend’s purse. They asked him what his girlfriend’s name was and he couldn’t provide the name of his girlfriend.”

Ah, the classic fake Canadian girlfriend ploy.

Meanwhile, other hockey players had gathered around the scene. When police told them to step back, everyone did - except Kostopoulos. The stubborn skater then got to take a trip downtown with O’Byrne.

Both players were released Monday after posting bail, but O’Byrne could face a maximum of up to five years in prison for his purse-snatching.

Loonie Canadian dollar

Pretty sad that a pro athlete would resort to such petty thieving. Maybe O’Byrne didn’t hear that the Canadian dollar was actually growing stronger.