Loonie Canadian Drops $2K To Meet Dwyane Wade

Ol’ reliable Barry Jackson of the MIAMI HERALD notes that “Dwyane Wade was celebrating his 26th birthday with about 20 family members at DeVito South Beach when an unidentified Canadian man approached general manager Chris Cuomo and asked to meet Wade in exchange for paying half of Wade’s $4,500 bill. Wade had the fan sent to his table and took a photo with him.

Dwyane Wade Devitos Restaurant South Beach

”’That was great. I said I should start going to different restaurants and if people want to come up and pay for my bill, I like it,” Wade said, laughing. He and his daughter and her friend just wanted to meet me. He didn’t give me his card.’

Fat cat Canadians. If this isn’t the best evidence of the effect the declining American dollar is having on the South Florida economy in the wintertime, we don’t know what is. And besides full-friction Fifi at The Cheetah, who really want a guy’s card who just dropped $2,250 to meet Dwyane Wade?