Canadian Olympic Team Outfits Not So Canadian

Via FOOD COURT LUNCH, we discover the hideousness that is the new Canadian Olympic casualwear that each Canadian athlete will don in August for the Beijing Olympics. Even if they’re not running quickly, they sure will look busy.

Canadian Olympic team garb

We now see what we suspect is the québécois Canadian Olympic team on the runway, ready for any kind of fight (as long as it’s not secession).

Canadian Olympic team garb

If the athletes hate the garb or the public refuses to accept it as part of Canadian culture, don’t worry: it’s made in China.

Canadian Olympic team garb

Never underestimate the brilliance of a Canadian. They understand plausible deniability as well as any American administration. If the Canadian public loves it as much as we Americans fell under the spell of the red beret in 2002, then it’s a Canadian production all the way and let’s see more tennis dresses masquerading as fashion.

US Olympic beret from 2002

If not, then it’s China’s fault. They would have been totally more awesome if it weren’t for the way lame Chinese who ruined it for us. You know, just like we’ll say about the Olympics themselves.

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