Canadian Minor League Baseball Managers Brawl

Having never spent much time in either North Dakota or Canada, we’ve always been fairly content to just rely on stereotypes to tell us everything we need to know about them. In fact, North Dakota is, as far as we’re concerned, part of Canada anyway, so one stereotype should suffice.

O Canada!

In other words, everyone in those places is friendly, says things like “a-BOAT”  and “eh,” loves hockey, and is generally polite. These stereotypes are infallible and never wro– wait, what? A minor league manager slugs an opposing coach during a game? In Winnipeg? This we’ve gotta see.

(And we will see it…after the jump.)

The fight occurred during last night’s game between the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks and the Winnipeg Jets BrownGoldeyes after the Goldeye (and really, WTF is up with that name?) pitcher got a little too close with the chin music. As the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE said of the imbroglio (while earning bonus points for use of the term “fisticuffs”):

The Northern League has fined Fargo-Moorhead manager Doug Simunic and Winnipeg hitting coach Tom Vaeth “for inappropriate behavior” during Monday night’s game in Winnipeg before more than 5,600 fans at Canwest Park. The league did not reveal the size of the fines. There were no suspensions.

What does minor-league “inappropriate behavior” look like? This:

It’s like Grandma used to tell us, you can take the Canadian out of the hockey game, but you can’t take the hockey out of the Canadian.  Minor league sports - the awesome never stops.