Canadian H.S. Cheerleaders Are Better Than Ours

What is with all these cheerleaders getting in trouble lately?  It’s as though everyday there’s a story about a cheerleader doing something wrong.   Yesterday there was Caitlin Davis getting kicked off the New England Patriots squad for drawing penises and swastikas all over her passed out friend — well, now she says that was his “costume” — and up in Canada the cheerleaders are having too much fun.

South Delta Cheerleaders Streaking

A group of cheerleaders from South Delta Secondary shocked the world when they came out to perform in nothing but “bootie shorts and strategically placed tape and paint” at their teams game against Lord Tweedsmuir — Lord Tweesmuir!?  You know those kids get their ass kicked every day. — and the school wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.


“We talked to the girls and the principal and it’s fair to say it’s not going to happen again,” said Dianne Turner, assistant superintendent of the Delta School District.

“We’re working with the Grade 11 and Grade 12 girls in an educational way to ensure they portray a better, more wholesome image,” she said.

Of course, this story would be a lot better if we got to see what the girls got in trouble for, and thanks to FAN IQ, we can.

The girls also had to write apologies to the other team, and they all started with “So sorry you had to see my breasts.”   And that’s it.  That’s all the punishment the girls received.   It’s pretty obvious now that Canada is a lot more lenient with it’s cheerleaders than we are here in America.

Had a group of American high school cheerleaders pulled this they might have been sent to Guantanemo.  Hell, in Colorado they’d have been shot right there on the field.