Canada Day!; Hacksaw Can’t Get Boise St. Gig?!

Our friend from the North, Canada, is celebrating birthday #141 today. In honor of that, watch this very cool, brand-new video celebrating the CFL.

I know, “very cool” and “CFL” don’t usually go together, but that vid is an exception. It’s part of an ad campaign llaunched today called “This is Our League.” Interesting slogan. Wonder if the NFL invasion into Toronto has something to do with it, eh?

The blog MIKE RESPONTS has the strange case of the longtime Boise State football and basketball announcer Paul Schneider getting blown out - and adds another chapter in the astonishing fall from broadcasting grace by Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton.

Lee Hacksaw Hamilton

(Best wig EVAR)

Schneider was let go after his Boise radio station lost the rights to broadcast the games. His designated replacement at the new station rightsholder, a young Boise buck named Dave Koehn, left before broadcasting a single game for the Univ. of Virginia gig (Game 1 - UVA vs. USC!).

Then the story gets weird:

(*one inside radio note: longtime San Diego sports talk show host and former Chargers and Seahawks announcer, Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton, flew into Boise to apply for the job. He wasn’t hired-how big a slap is that?)

Hamilton has also lost his afternoon talkshow gig at KLAC in Los Angeles. He now does daily phone-ins for the station’s midday “Loose Cannons” show and hosts weekend programming. Last weekend, he was campaigning on-air to become a permanent co-host on the Loose Cannons, as a replacement for Mychal Thompson (who last we checked, hasn’t been fired).

As for Boise State, eventually another old broadcasting friend of mine, Bob Behler, was hired to take over.

Another old buddy of mine from my days at the Univ. of Georgia student newspaper, Chip Towers of the ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION, has details on UGA VI’s private funeral yesterday in Athens.

UGA Statue

I’m as big a Georgia fan as you’ll find. And a huge dog lover, but I have to admit I’m a little dubious about the amount of time, money and effort that goes into maintaining UGA’s mascot. It’s fun have a doggie at the game, but all the other stuff (marble vaulted stadium graves, full-time owner) I could do without.

From the Vince Dooley school-of-contract-writing (SEC out-clause for Tubby at UGA!), the INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports that just-dumped Indiana AD Rick Greenspan still retains the right to pen a tell-all about his experiences at IU.

That might get him back in K-Sam’s fave five.

This is cool, links SbB (bottom right of the page at the moment)

ABC News SbB

John Horn of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports Oliver Stone is in the throes of filming “W,” a movie about George W. Bush.

The movie recounts Bush’s days as owner of the Texas Rangers, which was made tricky considering MLB would not cooperate with Stone for the film. So instead of shooting footage at the Rangers’ real home ballpark, the Independence Bowl stadium in Shreveport, Louisiana was used as Bush’s MLB backdrop. (Tim Brando sightings, anyone?)

After years of Detroiters fighting over what will be the demise of Tiger Stadium, demolition of the house Chet Lemon built begins this week.

While many locals have done all they can to *save* the venerable structure in Detroit, you can’t say the same for Reunion Arena in Dallas, which was officially boarded up today.

Jay Busbee of Yahoo’s NASCAR blog FROM THE MARBLES has this fun video of Dale, Sr. on Letterman:

Arizona Coach Mike Stoops will be the highest-profile coach on the hot seat to start off the college football season in August, so it stands to reason that he’s pulling out all the stops in training camp.

BLACK SPORTS ONLINE just got Dwyane Wade’s lawyers paid:

Dwyane Wade Sex Ad

My favorite part of Jimmy Traina’s Q & A with Derek Jeter for’s HOT CLICKS - the surest sign that Derek Jeter is indeed getting O-L-D: Since we’re doing this for, I have to ask if you’re an Internet guy. Do you surf the Web a lot?

Jeter: Not really, man.

The ARod-Madonna coupling has been disputed by Madonna’s publicist at More importantly, with the story about Madonna, it looks like the website’s ad algorithm is spot-on:

Madonna has yellow teeth, stretch marks

UPDATE: Daulerio at DSpin reports US WEEKLY somehow is squeezing more juice out of the worn out hag affiair.