Can The Cincinnati Bengals Really Be This Dumb?

It was only a week or two ago when I was watching an interview with Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis on ESPN. Aside from being asked about Chad Johnson constantly, the interview also focused on the changes the Bengals were going to make with the way they treated their criminals players.

chris henry

Marvin said that without a doubt, things were going to be different in Cincinnati from here on out. With Roger Goodell bringing down the hammer on any player who gets out of line, Lewis said there just wasn’t room to mess around with any players who could become a distraction.

Of course, that was before Ocho Cinco became Oucho Cinco, and now the Bengals are short at wide receiver. You’ll never guess who they’re thinking of bringing back. Here’s a hint, he’s pictured above.

From 700 WLW:

Rumors are swirling around Chris Henry and the Cincinnati Bengals. The bad-boy player’s agent tells Henry is close to an agreement to return to the team. He could sign a one-year deal today. The wide receiver was released in April after his fifth arrest as a Bengal. The door reopened for the player Sunday, when starting wide receiver Chad Johnson suffered a shoulder sprain in the first quarter of a pre-season game against the Lions. TJ Houshmandzadeh is out with a hamstring injury.

The Bengals won’t comment on the move and it won’t help in the first four regular season games of the year. Henry was suspended by the NFL earlier this year for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Although, he can still practice and play in preseason games. He’ll have to pass a physical and be examined by the team’s medical staff to rejoin the team.

It’s good to see Marvin and the Bengals have learned their lesson.

Obviously Chris is a changed man, as all the arrests and suspensions have finally helped him see the light. He knows that he can’t get in any more trouble or else his NFL career will probably be over. I mean, it’s been almost five whole months since he was last arrested (for punching some 18-year old kid he thought owed him money). That’s a personal record and a sure sign of personal growth.