Can Al Roker Save The London Olympic Games?

Note to all nations playing host to the Summer Olympics in coming years: You cannot change the weather. We simply don’t possess the technology … just ask the 12 polar bears clinging to same small ice floe near the North Pole. But, damn it, they’re the British. They have to try.

Al Roker

We all watched with amusement at the Beijing Olympics when the Chinese seeded rain clouds with silver iodide pellets, trying to move the rain and help clear the smog. The British, actually, have no real plans to try and move clouds. Instead, they’re searching the world for a team of crack meteorologists so that they can predict the weather. I see no way this can fail!

Also, wasn’t this the plot to “Twister”?


Perhaps recognising the futility of trying to tame the wilfully contrary nature of an English summer, the organisers in London merely hope to predict the weather and arrange the Games accordingly.

Weather consultants will spend two years in the build-up to the Games creating a detailed database on the micro-climates around more than 20 venues in London and beyond.

The research, which the organisers claim is more detailed than conventional weather forecasting services, will be so localised as to predict the chances of sun, rain and wind to within a mile of each of the 26 Olympic events.

I only pray that this guy is involved:

If you’re going to the Olympics, do not mock the British weather plan. They will hear you, and you will be sent to prison.