Melo’s DUI ‘Extreme’; ESPN’s Bondy Bans Obama?

Can’t wait for the day when the daughters of SEC coaches sing about us.

• Here’s all you wanted to know about Carmelo Anthony’sExtreme” DUI.

Carmelo Anthony LaLa Vasquez

At least his gal is enthusiastically standing by him.

• Sure looks like ESPN president George Bodenheimer wants to bar Barack Obama from his network.

• Golfers go under the knife: Tiger Woods needs his knee treated, while John Daly stomachs a muscle tear.

• Could next year’s T-Wolves tickets go for $1 a piece? That still seems a bit steep.

• A Mets fan fell to his death at Shea Stadium - was it the escalators or his idiocy that was to blame?

• Remembering when the Devils’ Scott Stevens laid the Stanley Cup smackdown on the Red Wings’ Slava Kozlov.

Stephen Jackson sure knows how to live the Glug Life.

Maria Sharapova is not as stunning as she used to be.

Rick Neuheisel’s tenure at UCLA is off to a great start, as his players ditch practice.

• Giants pitcher Brian Wilson gets all high & mighty over his intro music.