Camby On Trade to Clips ‘Lowest Point of My Life’

After spending the last six seasons in the cold of Denver, you’d think Marcus Camby would be overjoyed at the idea of moving to sunny Southern California as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. You’d think, but according to the BOSTON GLOBE who caught up with the former UMass star, you’d be wrong.

Marcus Camby

Camby who was dealt to the Clips on July 16th in exchange for a second round pick in the 2010 draft says, “With everything I’ve been dealing with off the court, this is the lowest point of my life.” Ouch! Sure, the Clippers are considered by many to be the worst franchise in all of sports, but they just added Baron Davis and more importantly you’ll be living in Hollywood.

I don’t know if Marcus is aware of this, but they shoot American Idol in Hollywood and all those kids say “It’s a dream come true,” when they get picked to go to Los Angeles. Why you so down on the Clippers, Camby?

Turns out it’s not really the Clippers or Los Angeles, Camby is more dissapointed that he has to leave Denver, the sunshine state. He tells the GLOBE, “It’s nothing to do with the Clippers. [Coach] Mike [Dunleavy] was great on the phone. It’s not where I’m going. It’s where I’m coming from. It was home. My [eldest] daughter was about to start the first grade. There is also my family situation in Hartford. We have to find a new doctor for [my youngest] daughter. It puts me out of my comfort zone.”

In Los Angeles, it’s 70 degrees and sunny almost every day and the ugly people are forced to stay out of places where a guy like Marcus Camby would hang out, Marcus will find his comfort zone very quickly.   

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