Call It: Jets Flip Coin To Determine Starting QB

You have two quarterbacks that could start for your team. One quarterback is crappy. You know this. The other quarterback might be crappy, but he might be pretty good. You’re not sure about him yet. So do you go back and study film on each player? Grade each one on throwing mechanics, reading defenses, and his understanding of the game plan?

Jets Fan

Not if you’re the New York Jets.

WITH LEATHER (via NBC SPORTS) tells us that the offensive coordinator flipped a coin to determine whether it would be media punching bag Chad Pennington or the relative new guy, Kellen Clemens:

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer flipped a coin Monday and asked Chad Pennington to call it in the air. The winner would earn the right to work with the first-team offense on the opening day of organized team activities.

“Chad called heads and I thought I had a good chance because I’m a guy that generally calls tails,” Kellen Clemens said Thursday after the Jets’ third OTA session, but first open to the media. “It was heads all the way.”

That might be the greatest analysis of a coin flip I’ve seen anywhere. And this is the guy you’re putting on the bench? And why did Chad get to call the coin. What arbitrary method did they use to determine that?