Calipari: “I will be coaching at Kentucky next year”

Kentucky Coach John Calipari Tweeted Friday morning:

I’ve said many times that I’ve got the best job in the country. Still the speculation runs wild and I can’t stop thatI want to address this with the Big Blue Nation one last time, I will be coaching at Kentucky next year. Now let’s finish what we started!

Translation: A recruit called Calipari this morning and asked him if he was leaving UK.

The ’speculation’ that Calipari claims comes out of thin air most recently had him considering the head coaching position with the Bulls - if LeBron James was to join the same team. Calipari was also seen attending Cavaliers playoff games, further fueling ’speculation’ involving a connection between the two.

So with Calipari unequivocably confirming that he’ll be back at UK next season, could that be taken as a sign James is not considering joining the Bulls?

As Mike Brown is reportedly soon to be let go as Cavaliers coach, could that also be a sign that Calipari knows James won’t be staying in Cleveland?

The odds of Calipari’s Kentucky confirmation this morning being directly tied to the free agent fate of James is remote. But as Calipari has never clarified his intentions as they pertain to James, the ’speculation’ Cal claims he can’t stop will continue to rage on regardless of his comment on today.