California Man Arrested For Pedroia Death Threats

Back in November 2008, Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia was the toast of his northern California hometown of Woodland. The town’s favorite son had just been named American League MVP and the entire Pedroia family was celebrated as a sort of royalty by proxy. Parades were held, banners were erected, and one would presume that sales at the family’s tire emporium were never better.

Since then, however, the Pedroias’ star has dimmed a bit in Woodland.  In January, Dustin’s brother Brett was arrested on child molestation charges, never a good thing for a family’s reputation. Last week, Dustin called his hometown a “dump” in an interview with BOSTON MAGAZINE. Now, 47-year-old Kenneth Samuels has been arrested for making death threats against the Pedroia family at the Woodland tire emporium they own and operate.

Police aren’t saying whether the threats were related to the BOSTON MAGAZINE interview, Brett’s child molestation charges, or some combination of the two, but Samuels’ threats weren’t limited to a single family member according to this report in the SACRAMENTO BEE:

Samuels allegedly told the Pedroia family that males in their family would be “shot and killed,” according to the release. Police were able to trace the calls back to a residence in Woodland, where Samuels was identified as the caller and arrested, said Lt. Charlie Wilts of the Woodland Police Department.

Clearly, Woodland is dealing with a criminal mastermind here. Hopefully, Samuels will have a long time to contemplate the proper use of Caller ID blocking from his jail cell.