Cal Ripken Jr. Needs Space For His Deep Thoughts

If you’re Cal Ripken Jr., motivational speaker, you don’t just hop from your limo right onto the stage and start blabbing about your 2,632 consecutive game playing streak. Like the great thinkers of our age, you need time to organize your thoughts.

This story is somewhat old, but amusing nonetheless: Ripken apparently has a clause in his corporate speaking contracts that require that he be provided with a private room, and a hour of “meditation time” before he’s scheduled to speak.


Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County officials were told to provide Ripken with a separate room for “meditation time,” before his speech, which turned out to be a 40-minute infomercial for one of his books.

Some in the crowd were angry that Ripken refused to eat with them, especially considering that they paid $100 a ticket, plus a $250 minimum individual gift for the federation, which paid for Ripken’s first-class round trip airfare and one night at the Four Seasons Resort.

Ripken was paid tens of thousands of dollars (Ripken commands at least $50,000 a speech but did lower is fee for Thursday), and only met with those who were invited to a VIP room before he disappeared for at least an hour.

Ripken’s book “Get in the Game; 8 Elements of Perseverance That Make the Difference,” (now available in paperback!) is a wonderful treat for baseball fans and fans of irony alike. Chapters include How to Avoid Mingling With the Riff-Raff; My Conversations With Deepak Chopra; and I Said No Brown M&M’s!

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