Cabrera Is No Stranger To Drunken Belligerence

Yesterday, we told you about the rather disturbing actions of Miguel Cabrera, who took time out of his team’s dwindling pennant race to get loaded beyond belief, then get involved in a domestic disturbance with his wife - one that ended with him sporting a scratch on his face, and her telling the police that he’d hit her. Not good.

Miguel Cabrera Go Be Fat Somewhere Else

This all started with a sensational binge on Friday night/Saturday morning at the Townsend hotel’s bar in Cabrera’s city of residence, Birmingham (Michigan, mind you, not Alabama). That’s where Cabrera imbibed well enough to blow a .260 by 6 a.m… and it’s also where Cabrera had apparently been instructed to not set foot in ever again, after going apes**t this August and threatening an overweight 15-year-old with the prospect of gun murder. Yes, really.


A police report released late Monday quotes witnesses as saying an erratic Cabrera taunted an overweight, 15-year-old boy at the hotel in late August and had to be escorted out. One witness said Cabrera “acted as if he was on some drug” during the outburst; witnesses said the confrontation grew so heated that he challenged the teen’s table to a fight outside and implied he had a gun there.

The August incident prompted Tigers President Dave Dombrowski and the team’s legal counsel to meet with Cabrera, the report said. Dombrowski “told Cabrera not to frequent” the Townsend again, the report stated, citing a text message from a Tigers security official.

Dombrowksi, for what it’s worth, denied the banishment when asked - but why would the report have something like that in it if it weren’t grounded in fact?

But the most curious aspect of this - aside from the fact that Cabrera seemed to be completely out of his mind on “substances undetermined” and going after some kid with a fervor that necessitated his removal from - is the fact that Cabrera has struggled with weight issues himself over the past few years. But rather than a little restraint when it comes to how he talks to society’s huskier children, apparently it’s open season on fat people if they’re not him. Perhaps that’s the nature of the bully, though; to attack something he sees in himself as a defense mechanism. Maybe. We don’t know.

As the Free Press notes, this and Cabrera’s recent domestic dispute have more in common than just intoxication; as a matter of fact, if there were any more than two incidences, it would probably qualify as a pattern, and a troubling one at that. To boot:

1) Both binges were preceded by poor performances at the plate;

2) Both binges took place at a hotel with visiting players;

3) Both binges resulted in an outburst of temper that defied all semblance of sobriety and necessitated police intervention.

That’s really bad, and if Cabrera’s wife ended up pressing charges, we imagine Cabrera would have to undergo counseling of some sort. As it is, he probably doesn’t have any restrictions on whether he can play tonight, but what kind of message does that send to Cabrera and the rest of the team? Dude’s not right, right now.