BYU Fan Driven Mad By Getting Ute License Plate

BYU FAN DRIVEN MAD BY RECEIVING ‘UTE’ LICENSE PLATE: A Brigham Young fan blew a gasket when the new license plates he received made him look like an enemy supporter:

BYU license plate Utah football

The DESERET MORNING NEWS reports that when Brennen Thorne picked up the plates for his 4X4 truck, his mood did a u-turn upon seeing the stamped numbers - 441 UTE.

‘Ute’ is the nickname of the University of Utah - Thorne’s (and BYU’s) bitterest rival. “When they gave me my plates I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me’.”

Cutlass 88

To put the plate predictament in proper perspective, it would be like a Michigan fan getting ‘OSU 4239′ for their Oldsmobile Cutlass 88, or a USC supporter assigned ‘UCLA 139′ for their Honda Civic.

What’s worse, Thorne works & lives in the Provo/Omen area - home to the Cougars. And he’s concerned about parking at Lavell Edwards Stadium - especially on November 24, when the Utes come to town.

Thorne hasn’t contacted the DMV about getting new plates, but he’ll likely have to wait until next year, when he might try to go the vanity route.

Wonder if ‘TYDETMER#1′ is already taken.