Bynum’s Rehab Includes Lifting Playboy Bunnies

Much like this time last year, a lot of the Los Angeles Lakers’ chances to win an NBA title this season rest on the health of Andrew Bynum’s knee. Bynum has been out since February with a torn MCL that he’s been rehabbing pretty hard in hopes of getting back on a court in time to help the Lakers make a playoff run. And his coach Phil Jackson has said recently that he thinks Bynum is only a few weeks away from returning.

Well, it may be even sooner than that if a recent trip to the Playboy Mansion is any indicator. That’s where Bynum figured out a new way to help test the strength of his knee by picking up Playmate Nicole Narain and carrying her around the mansion on his shoulders. (With more pics of knockout Nicole after the jump.)


Wearing a green smoking jacket and slippers, Bynum, whose injury status is generating daily headlines in Los Angeles, partied like a rock star near the infamous grotto.

He picked up Playmate Nicole Narain and placed her on his shoulders and got somebody to take a picture with his digital camera.

Upper-body strength, check.

He hopped over a velvet rope near the DJ booth so he could take a picture with Narain and other Playmates who ended up sitting on his lap.

Jumping ability, check.

He sidestepped a few of the roaming cameras and got down with some Playmates on the checkered dance floor set up in the backyard.

Lateral movement, check.

Later, with lines around the bar getting longer, he pulled out a bottled beverage from one pocket and four plastic cups from another and offered up drinks to three Playmates who were with him.

Ability to adjust to game situations, check.

Andrew seems ready to take on Tim Duncan and the Spurs to me.

Now it’s probably pretty likely that the Lakers won’t be happy to find out about Bynum’s antics, but I mean, can we really blame him for it?

No. No we can’t.