BW-Fee: ESPN’s Wingo, Tressel Are (Bar) Foodies

ESPN’s Trey Wingo and Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel spoke to the BW3 franchisee convention in Orlando today.

Jim Tressel Trey Wingo Speak At BW-3 Convention In Orlando

Wingo and Tressel are contracted endorsers of the bar food chain, which probably saved the company $75,000 in appearances fees. (Wingo: $25,000, Tressel $50,000+)

Trey Wingo Official Twitter Account Buffalo Wild Wings

No problem with guys makin’ that paper, but I’m still a little miffed at not getting an invite from Wingo’s official Twitter account. Not to mention ESPN not clearing the reporter’s on-air name change - Trey BuffaloWildWingo - despite the NFL anchor having satisfied state and federal legal requirements.*

Dick Vitale Hooters Commercial Banned By NCAA Tournament

With a handle like ‘Wild Wingo,’ have we finally found the man who will some day ascend to the throne of banned NCAA College Basketball Tournament commercials?

Dunno though, as Hooters’ largest demographic will forever remain slick-bald. (Marv Albert, James Brown perhaps?)

* Not true.