Buy Yourself A T.O. Bills Jersey, Just Not No. 81

It might be the off-season, but the Buffalo Bills are already trying to make their signing of Terrell Owens pay dividends for them. As PRO FOOTBALL TALK notes, you can now be the first person on your block to have an authentic replica Terrell Owens Buffalo Bills jersey. Or the first person on your block with any kind of Bills jersey, probably. (Note: the previous statement does not apply in upstate New York.)

Terrell Owens Bills jersey

You might look at the picture above and wonder about the number. Don’t expect Owens to actually be wearing the No. 1 when he takes the field - in fact, per NFL rules, a wide receiver can’t wear that number. But he might not be wearing the No. 81 either, as it already belongs to James Hardy, the team’s second-round draft pick last season.

And since Owens hasn’t been assigned a number yet, we can assume that Hardy hasn’t agreed to give Owens his number yet. Which I’m sure will be the first thing that Owens causes a huge stink about on the Bills. (Either that, or he’ll refuse to practice because his new locker is right underneath the air conditioning vent.)

There are other numbers available (specifically 12, 15, 19, 84, 85, 88, and 89), but usually things like this get settled with some sort of financial agreement between the star player and the scrub who has his uniform number. So T.O. had better get his checkbook along with his popcorn if he wants to continue to be the “original 81.