Tar Heels Frightened To Face Appalachian State

If a state-run school in North Carolina has a college football team and is a member of the ACC, they are almost required to throw a little love to the other state-run, yet lesser known, institutions. It’s what NC State did by bringing Appalachian State into Carter-Finley Stadium a few years ago and taking care of business.

Butch Davis Concerned

But the powder-blue boys of Chapel Hill and head coach Butch Davis apparently want nothing to do with the upstart Mountaineers (who just create college football grudges). According to the GREENVILLE NEWS CHIEF (via 850 THE BUZZ), the Heels are refusing to play their fellow Carolinians.

Appalachian State has played North Carolina in football only once - in 1940.

Mountaineers coach Jerry Moore is trying to end the drought.

Moore acknowledged Wednesday that he’s tried to get the Tar Heels on their schedule. So far, North Carolina has balked.

Moore said he’s puzzled why the Tar Heels scheduled McNeese State for their season opener instead of the Mountaineers. He said a matchup with North Carolina would be a “great football game” and “good for the state.”

Well, if you continued to be puzzled, Jer, let me fill in the blanks for you as to why UNC want nothing to do with your ‘Neers.

App Michigan Scoreboard

The Tar Heels have some grandiose vision of an ACC title in their mind, already, with safety Deunta Williams almost guaranteeing it.

Yes, it seems aggressive. But it would at least seem a little worthwhile if Butch Davis and Athletic Director Michael Jordan Dick Baddour had the stones to pony up and play a tough in-state rival.

All of this, despite the the WASHINGTON POST informing us that the ACC is going to have nine bowl games next year. Which means that even when the Tar Heels hit head first against the brick wall that is reality, by getting all boot-quaky about their Boone-bound neighbors, they’ll still end up heading to the postseason.

Which, by the way, is ridiculous. I mean, we get it — more colleges need more money for more football. And I think everyone is completely down with that. It becomes problematic, however, when you have NC State, Carolina, Duke and Miami (a combined 8-24 in the ACC last year) all fighting to get that sixth win and become bowl eligible. Not just because it’s ugly, but because it involves scheduling sandbag games like McNeese State over a willing in-state opponent like Appalachian.