Bush Booed, Nats Scalp Braves In Park Premiere

The Furman Bisher-approved start of the 2008 MLB Season got underway Sunday night, as the Nationals debuted their new ballpark - not even waiting to give it a corporate name.

George W Bush Ryan Zimmerman Nationals

And Washington’s game against Atlanta had it all - from Bush-booing to walk-off winning.

The special night began with George W. Bush tossing out the ceremonial first pitch. Unfortunately, the Nats decided one controversial figure on the field was enough, as they kept Paul Lo Duca from catching the Prez’ pitch and put manager Manny Acta behind home plate instead.

As Dubya was introduced and trotted out on the field, it sure sounded like he was greeted with more boos than cheers (although Mark Silva of the BALTIMORE SUN begs to differ):

Maybe they were just saying “Boo-ush.”

But by the end, the fans in the stands were all of good cheer, as Ryan Zimmerman blasted a 2-out, 9th-inning homer to give the hometown crowd, as ESPN’s Jon Miller put it, a “Happy Ending.”

For those that may have stopped watching after Zim’s zinger, MR. IRRELEVANT believes that at around the 3:16 mark, you can see Ryan mouthing, “Get the f**k out!

If so, some worldwide-leading sports network may be getting a letter from the FCC. Of course, the agency may let it slide, if Monday’s “SportsCenter” reruns edit out the boobirds from Bush’s appearance.

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